Immensa provides range of engineering services from industrial design, 3d scanning, reverse engineering, and prototyping from concept to final product. Including capabilities for model making and scale models.

Prototyping is essential for all product development processes. At Immensa we 3D design, develop and produce functional prototypes using a range of 3D printing technologies. Whether it is to test size, functionality or design we ensure quick turnaround and highest quality 3D printed prototypes.

We offer laser-sintered parts, and also parts manufactured by all other well-established 3D printing methods such as stereolithography, FDM and CJP. Immensa has the platform and facilities based in the UAE, to rapidly and efficiently offer all types of Model making including Demonstration Models, Scale Models, Architectural Models, and full color concept models.

Our 3D Design department can take your renderings in CAD or BIM and directly convert them to 3D printable form. As part of its 3D printing services, Immensa also offers scanning services, 3D design services and file fixing services for 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing allows us to deliver perfect technical prototypes and scale models with unparalleled details and cost effectiveness.