Contract manufacturing locally using AM allows production of batch quantities on a periodic basis without having to invest in molds, or waiting for ordering and shipping from abroad.

Immensa offers rapid, high-quality contract manufacturing services. A major advantage of additive manufacturing is getting easily from design to final product production. Parts can be produced straight from the digital 3D data without the need for molds and prototypes. Immensa utilizes range of leading software’s enabling it to conduct close-to-production tests and simulations to optimize products materials, designs and properties eliminating the need for multiple revisions and iterations prior to going to production.

Immensa’s engineering team will validate product and part designs, qualify the optimal materials to be used and select the best manufacturing process to meet client’s needs. All serial and batch parts manufactured using 3D printing at Immensa go through rigorous design checks, technical verifications and post production quality checks and testing.

Immensa’s best of class 3D printing production facility allows our team to focus on reliability and quality of production and not production volumes. With Additive Manufacturing we can offer our clients cost effective manufacturing services regardless of job size – without the need for upfront investments, molds or minimum order quantities. The benefits of 3D printing can be leveraged to your company’s competitive advantage.

Production of small batch series of consistently high-quality parts and components using additive manufacturing requires a completely different approach than conventional manufacturing techniques, which is where the Immensa team makes a difference.