Manufacturing As a Service

Manufacturing As a Service

Engineering Utility:

Our digital assets are made to fit your manufacturing needs perfectly; our additive manufacturing (AM) experts support you from the concept stage to the production drawings and the AM process.

Our Engineers and AM experts ensure that the right AM technology is utilized for each part. AM is complex, and our team covers the entire work process:

  • Material qualification
  • Technology selection
  • Simulation
  • Parameter optimization
  • Post-processing

Technologies & Materials

Technologies Available To You:


Production Network

Our global on-demand production network can connect you to the nearest manufacturer in your area. This makes your process a lot faster as you won’t be needing to transport or ship your order across borders.

You will never have to worry about finding a manufacturer to design your new ideas, your digital assets are already stored and ready for your local manufacturer to produce as they’ll be granted access to your digital assets once you commit to the manufacturer.

At Immensa, we bring you the most efficient and friendly manufacturers certified by the relevant authorities, ready to assist you.

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Digital Inventories is restructuring the Supply Chain
Additive manufacturing is the primary element in the digital transformation of Industry 4.0. The rapidly rising rate of adoption of AM and the disruptive nature of the technology to the conventional manufacturing process is causing a schematic shift in the way companies are looking to do business.

3D Printing Reduces Labour Time

And Improves Speed To Market

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