3D Printing: Fit-Out and Construction Related Industry

3D Printing in the Construction & Fit-Out Industry

3D Printing is playing an increasing role across the wide spectrum within construction and fit-out sectors.

Construction industry is vast in nature, and there are numerous areas within that sector where 3D Printing is being  explored, from mature activities such as model making to the more early uses of concrete printing. At Immensa we focus on 3 areas within the Construction and Fit out industry that are mature, add immediate value to clients, and we have developed extensive expertise.

3D printing for the construction industry

3D Printing is being used by the construction industry as a key fabrication process for fit out elements. With 3D printing, contractors are able to produce customized, lightweight, unconventional, and complex design components used in interior and exterior works. Immensa has developed a competitive edge in advanced customization of products in the building industry leveraging these advent non-standardized production methods.

3D printing for complex architectural models

Creating complex architectural features such as sculptures, statues and outdoor monuments is another area that 3D printing has been applied successfully. By leveraging the wide range of materials available for 3D printing, Immensa has created architectural features that were not viable in conventional materials due to either weight restrictions, or limitations in manufacturability.