Digital Inventory Solution

Digital Inventories are restructuring the Global Supply Chain

Companies from across the world are adopting digital inventories to overcome the costs and inefficiencies of global supply chain.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology is expected to cause the biggest disruption in the logistics and warehousing industries. Leading companies in the logistics sector such as DHL and UPS, as well as global companies in other sectors like GE, Caterpillar, Shell, BMW and many others are leading the charge in implementing Virtual Warehousing.

Immensa’s Digital Inventory Solution is the only service in the region to provide a complete 3600 solution

Conventional On-Demand Production Is Too Slow, Stock Keeping Is Too Expensive

Digital Inventory Solution directly and positively impact profitability and cashflows.

Company ABC inventory value US$100mlnConvert 4% of inventory into digital format US$4mlnCompany inventory holding reduced to US$96mlnCash released from stock holding (inventory turns 3 times per year) US$12mln (free cash flow)+ P&L savings for freight, transport, customs, storage, etc.. 15% – 40% per item