Digital Inventory Solution

Immensa controls the manufacturing process from conceptualization to delivery. Only regional company covering Additive Manufacturing process from end-to-end.

Assessment of your inventory

Assessment of supply chain and estimate of potential economic impact of moving to on-demand manufacturing. Our DIS team review and analyze your inventory of spare parts and components. The assessment includes technical and financial analysis of your stock to evaluate and assess the economic impact of moving to virtual warehousing and on-demand manufacturing.

Digitization of your inventory

Converting your physical parts into digital forms using Immensa propriety process and solution. Our in-house team of additive manufacturing engineers develop digital twins of your traditionally manufactured spare parts. AM produced parts are qualified, tested and certified when required.

On demand production

Catalogue of inventory items stored in digital format with parts being produced using AM on and when required only. Produce locally and deliver upon request.

Conventional on-demand production is too slow, stock keeping is too expensive

Digital inventory solution directly and positively impacts profitability and cash flows

  • Company ABC inventory value US$ 100 MIL

  • Convert 4% of inventory into digital format US$ 4 MIL

  • Company inventory holding reduced to US$ 96 MIL

  • Cash released from stock holding (assume inventory turns 3 times per year) US$ 12 MIL (free cash flow)

  • + P&L savings for freight, transport, customs, storage, etc.. 15% – 40% per item