Immensa creates digital catalogue of your parts and components that can be ordered on demand with turnaround time as low as 24 hours and no minimum quantities, thus reducing inventory levels, releasing cash and eliminating costs of shipping, storage and no capex.

Immensa’s Digital Inventory Solution provides companies with control over their working capital and bottom line. Our Digital Inventory Solution is an integrated 360 degree service which provides companies the ability to digitize their inventories and reduce the amount of physical stock they need to carry in their warehouses.

Products, components and spare parts that can be technically reproduced using Additive Manufacturing are digitized and logged in a digital library. As demand for a digitized part is required, it can be ordered from the digital library and produced on demand with lead time as little as 24 hours and quantities as low as 1 unit, eliminating the need for companies to maintain any stock of those digitized spare parts.

Immensa Digital Inventory Solution reduces inventory, warehousing needs, lead times and cost of logistics by allowing companies to store files, not parts. Immensa’s engineers also provides optimization of parts when it is identified that a part can be produced in a better way by redesigning it to improve performance and functionality as well as customization for specific needs, applications or regions.

Digital Inventory Solution is combination of 3D Printed Custom Parts, Additive Manufacturing Services and Virtual Warehousing. We are able to offer this service by delivering secure, scalable and cost-effective digitized inventory local production leveraging the latest 3D printing technologies.