Digital Inventory Services

Digital Inventory Services

Inventory Digitization is providing transformative benefits to companies across the spectrum. Harnessing the power of AM is enabling organizations to realize production on-demand, digital inventory, and real-time delivery.

Digital inventory is a concept Immensa has been developing for clients since since 2017. The idea is simple, however the process requires significant skill-sets and expertise, but has enormous impact. To apply digital inventory, an organization must consider the following;

  • Intellectual property security
  • Qualification of additive manufacturing materials, systems and processes
  • Mechanical simulation and testing
  • Training for teams working with Digital Inventory Services
  • Adoption of the digitized parts in a dynamic virtual database

Immensa end-to-end Digital Inventory Services (DIS) is based on validation of each step of the digitization workflow enabling regional companies to leverage AM for on-demand production.


Assessment of supply chain and estimate of potential economic impact of moving to on-demand manufacturing. Our DIS team review and analyze your inventory of spare parts and components. The assessment includes technical and financial analysis of your stock to evaluate and assess the economic impact of moving to virtual warehousing and on-demand manufacturing.


Catalogue of inventory items stored in digital format with parts being produced using AM on and when required only. Produce locally and deliver upon request.


Converting your physical parts into digital forms using Immensa propriety process and solution. Our in-house team of additive manufacturing engineers develop digital twins of your traditionally manufactured spare parts. AM produced parts are qualified, tested and certified when required.

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Digital Inventories is restructuring the Supply Chain
Additive manufacturing is the primary element in the digital transformation of Industry 4.0. The rapidly rising rate of adoption of AM and the disruptive nature of the technology to the conventional manufacturing process is causing a schematic shift in the way companies are looking to do business.

3D Printing Reduces Labour Time

And Improves Speed To Market

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