Custom Replacement Parts

Immensa can reverse engineer and re-create parts for equipment without having to rely on traditional supply chain especially for older machines or products having limited support from OEM’s.

At Immensa our engineering team can reverse engineer and re-create parts and components for industrial machinery and equipment. We provide our customers with an effective local low-cost solution for souring and producing spare parts using latest additive manufacturing technologies. Additively Manufactured custom parts allows customers to replace obsolete, hard to find, or long lead time parts instead of buying new equipment. Immensa uses combination of latest scanning technologies and software’s coupled with over 20 years of mechanical engineering experience to create highly customized parts ensuring that the 3D printed custom spare parts are compatible with existing equipment and components.

Matching tolerances, properties, and functionality of custom replacement parts in line with OEM equipment and machinery is made possible at Immensa by working with a large range of 3D Printing materials from Metals such as Steel, Aluminum, Inconel, and Titanium to Plastics such as PLA, ABS, composites and many others. Immensa ensures that parts produced at its UAE based facilities are of the highest standards which match or exceed original part properties and accuracy by testing their 3D Printed parts at external qualified laboratories such as Material Labs, UL, Lloyds and others.