Nissar Ahmed

About Nissar Ahmed

Nissar is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 yrs. of experience in automotive OEMs & design consulting firms. Developing an avid passion for Additive Manufacturing (AM), he completed his master’s degree focused on metal AM research before joining IMMENSA. Nissar is responsible for initiating & establishing metal AM domain at IMMENSA. His prior experience encompasses of 5 yrs. of work in JAPAN with major Japanese automotive companies like HONDA R&D, NISSAN, MAZDA & HINO MOTORS etc. He has expertise in design & development of new vehicle structures, crash performance, durability & CAE process automation for faster turnaround in OEMs design cycles. Nissar has done numerous projects using FEA for design investigation/optimization studies related to automotive, consumer electronics & healthcare. His experience & knowledge helps the company better engage its customers & understands the engineering needs of its markets. Nissar manages all the metal/alloys AM needs at IMMENSA and committed to deliver value-based solutions to the industry.

Metals in Additive Manufacturing

By |2019-03-24T06:28:19+00:00March 21st, 2019|

Metal additive manufacturing is one of the fastest growing sectors of manufacturing during the last decade. Although more work is ahead in terms of machining speed, costs, build volumes & availability of commercial materials, few of its benefits may [...]

3D Printing Cost Reduction using Weight Optimization

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Additively Manufactured Mechanical Metal part in Industrial Equipment Objective: Reduce Lead Time & Inventory Holding Cost Solution: Weight Optimization & 3D Print on Demand Solution Customer: Steel Industry 3D Printing: Scope of Work: A client employs a [...]