Edem Dugbenoo

About Edem Dugbenoo

Edem fell in love with additive manufacturing technologies whilst studying for a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Masdar Institute. After seeing firsthand - through his research studies - how much of an impact 3D printing could make in revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, he joined Immensa Technology Labs whose vision of driving this change is in sync with his. At Immensa, Edem has been using additive manufacturing technologies to develop innovative products for companies within the aerospace, automotive, medical, chemical, and construction industries. Notable projects he has worked on include the design of a 3D printed drone that won a 1 million dirham prize, construction of the world’s first “smart concrete wall”, and the development of a process that speeds up the digitization of company inventories by about 400%. He also has interests in topology optimization, generative design, and machine learning.

3D Printing and Plastics in UAE

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Plastics. They can be found all around us. From LEGO®toys to car engine fuse covers, they have become the material of choice due to the ease with which they can be molded, cast, or drawn into a variety of [...]

3D Printed Molds Simulation

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STATIC SIMULATIONS At Immensa Technology Labs, when designing molds for the construction industry, we use static simulation software to estimate the maximum stresses and displacements that will be produced in the 3D printed parts under operating conditions. [...]

3D Printing in Construction

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INTRODUCTION Often times, when planning the shape of concrete structures, Architects are forced to modify their creative designs due to the inability of current construction methods to bring their ideas to fruition. Even in cases where [...]