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I am the Head of Production for Additive manufacturing / 3D printing at Immensa Technology labs, Dubai, UAE. Prior to joining the Immensa team, I was the co-founder of a 3D printing start up called Forgify 3D technologies , New Delhi , India . I have qualified as a Computer science engineer from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra, India. My domain expertise includes, but is not limited to : Firmware design , Gcode generation, Machine Design , Production optimisation , Training , manufacturing processes and an in-depth understanding of the product development and prototyping cycle. My experience in the Additive manufacturing / 3D printing industry spans across 5 years. I have designed the Arya series of 3D printers and the AXL (currently under development) large format 3D printer. I like to play the guitar and make cool 3D printed gadgets and widgets that make life easier. Drop me an email if you have an exciting project you would like me to work on. email:

3D Printing in Construction Industry

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For Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), the largest construction company in the Middle East, machine downtime can be very costly. To mitigate this risk, large amounts of spare parts need to be kept as inventory: locking up physical space and cash.