Fahmi AlShawwa

About Fahmi AlShawwa

Fahmi is one the leading advocates of additive manufacturing (3D printing) and its beneficial use in industry and specifically mechanical purposes and value add to manufacturing organizations. Fahmi is responsible for managing a multi-discipline team of engineers at the region’s leading additive manufacturing company. In 2014, Fahmi encountered 3D printing on a professional level and since then he never looked back. He immersed himself on the emerging technology and its capabilities and limitation and decided to dedicate a full year to learn and understand the potential of this technology and discover how it is rapidly getting weaved into every aspect of our lives directly and indirectly. Since establishing Immensa in late 2016, Fahmi and his team have worked on a wide range of projects related to additive manufacturing and 3D Printing, including developing proprietary processes, and undergoing projects that have never been done before in the region. Immensa is continuously in the process of breaking new grounds by pushing the boundaries of what 3D printing can do which has paved the way for his team to be the only ones in the region to file for patents relating to the use and utilization of 3D printing in industry. Fahmi is always up for talking about additive manufacturing and exploring new uses of the technology and its adoption in the region and beyond.

Additive Manufacturing Middle East Conference

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https://youtu.be/C4IoZUrZK64   Additive Manufacturing Middle East, intends to be a deep dive into the present and future transformation of the industry, throughout the implementation of new technologies available. The conference addresses the goals, benefits, and challenges for the different [...]

3D Printing in Oil & Gas

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Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) provides Oil & Gas companies with the power to transform how parts are created and optimized. Numerous companies in Oil & Gas have ventured into AM with promising success. Immensa's team of engineers works [...]

Immensa at ADIPEC

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3D Printing in the Oil & Gas Industry  Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides Oil & Gas companies with the power to transform how parts are created and optimized. AM market in the Oil & Gas industry in the [...]