Additive Advisory

Additive Advisory

Immensa will work with you to leverage the competitive advantage of AM while minimizing investment risks of adopting the technology

Our extensive experience in additive manufacturing provides us the experience and knowledge required to provide your organization with best solutions when it comes to tackling the complex world of industrial additive manufacturing. 

Whether you are designing a part for additive manufacturing or evaluating the adoption of additive manufacturing capabilities in house, our team of specialized AM engineers will guide you and provide all the necessary know-how to determine the right solution.

Our team will assess technical results, formulate your AM strategy, and review financial feasibility based on technical merit and market knowledge. Immensa provides insight on technology, financial, and strategy relating to AM. Our specific services include:

  • Assess whether additive manufacturing is the best process for a part or project
  • Creating a 3D printing strategy to meet your operational requirements
  • Identify and qualify new materials for your parts
  • Identify and recommend the processes and systems to adopt
  • Setting-up a production facility in-house
  • Provide training and certification for your workforce

“Immensa Advisory aims to speed technology adoption and shorten the learning curve”

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71% Used

rate of 3D Printing technology in 2019 by manufacturing companies globally

US $640 Billion

value of manufacturing industry to be captured by 3D printing, which is 5% of global manufacturing

29% Growth

of AM industry, the fastest growth of any technology in the history of manufacturing

50% Reduction

in lead time when using AM vs conventional manufacturing

3D Printing Reduces Labour Time

And Improves Speed To Market

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