Immensa Expertise

Immensa serves as an integrated Additive Manufacturing ecosystem for companies to plug into.


Proprietary technology, software and process for digitizing inventories


Designing, developing and producing metal parts using additive manufacturing technologies

Work with over 60 materials for AM in both metals and polymers

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First ISO certified AM company
in the GCC

Only qualified AM company serving Oil & Gas organizations in the region.


Most experienced and specialized team of AM engineers in the MENA region

Immensa Services

Additive Advisory

Our team of AM engineers deliver viable solutions and strategies for companies to leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing technologies.

AM Design & Parts

Our DfAM specialized engineering team will design and develop your part optimized for AM production, and ensure it is 3D Printed successfully.

AM Serial Production

Immensa provides clients with locally based contract manufacturing using AM, allowing for production of batch quantities of parts.

Digital Inventory Solutions

Immensa’s propriety Digital Inventory Solution creates digital catalogues of your companies’ parts and components.

Immensa Divisions

Immensa covers the AM spectrum from conceptualization to delivery.
Only regional company covering industrial AM process from end-to-end.
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Our engineers work closely with clients to ensure designs are fit for their manufacturing purpose. Our AM experts support you from the concept stage right through to the production drawings and additive manufacturing process.

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Our 8,300sqft polymer facilities houses over 20 industrial 3D Printers and works with over 20 polymer materials. We work on identifying the optimal material for each specific part and produce them according to best global practices.

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Metal Additive Manufacturing is a complex field and requires certified and highly qualified engineering skills. We have a dedicated metal AM team who cover the entire work process of metal AM from design to production and post processing of parts.

Additive Manufacturing Work Process

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects
from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes.
AM process
AM process
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