About Us

Immensa Technology Labs (“Immensa”) was established in 2016 and is the first privately owned company specializing in the development and advancement of 3D printing in the United Arab Emirates. The company was established with the objective of being a solution provider bridging the gap between the uses of 3D printing technologies, materials and the practical use of such technologies. Our focus as a Company is to provide clients with an effective, efficient and financially viable use of 3D printing.

We solve our customers most complex problems by providing multi-material, digital manufacturing solutions. At Immensa we can fabricate and produce objects that were physically not possible without 3D printing.

Immensa’s facilities in the UAE house a wide range of technologies including Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Stereolithography (SLA), Extrusion (FDM), and Material Jetting. Immensa is sector agnostic and the team prides itself on being a solution provider to partners in any field of business.