Immensa at the frontier of 3D Printing in the region

Immensa is a UAE based Additive Manufacturing (“AM” referred to informally as 3D printing) company with a focus on research and development as well as offering 3D printing services to partners and other Service Bureaus across the region. Our State of the Art production facility prints components for customers in a range of industries. We digitally manufacture production quality parts for end usage alongside one-off and prototypes in a wide range of polymers and composites.

Additive manufacturing is a process that creates physical objects by joining together successive layers of the same material. This contrasts with more traditional manufacturing techniques, such as machining, which are subtractive and involve removing material to create an object.

Analyse & Design

Analyse & Design

Analyse & Design

Feasibility & Qualification

Analyse & Design

Technology & Production

Analyse & Design

Delivery & Receive

Immensa’s Work Process

  • Analyse Partner Needs

  • Design Stage

  • Material Feasibility & Qualification

  • Technology Selection

  • Production 3D Printing

  • Post Production

  • Deliverable

  1. 1Determine AM’s feasibility as a manufacturing technique for partners’ specific products.
  2. 2Reviewing Design aspects of the product required, and the integrity of the structure for effective production with AM.
  3. 3Study the various materials that can be utilized in the production process and advise of viability of material.
  4. 4Identify which materials possess characteristics that would meet the requirement of the product being manufactured.
  5. 5Production in our UAE-based facilities.

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